Ord na Thaumiel Sunday 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Ord na Thaumiel The Order of Lucifer



    The training of a new generation of magicians, witches, and Occult practitioners. We educate anyone who seeks answers to safe Craft practices, spirituality, and Truths. We educate all ages based on developmental levels appropriate to the individual and their learning needs.

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    Involvement in community and advocacy is important to our cause. As one we will fight against the negative stereotypes of Paganism and Occultism, give strength to our Brothers and Sisters, and contest the injustices many institutions try to impose upon us.

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    Become immersed in the Power of the Occult through our hermetic practices. Private occult services are also available, lead by our skilled initiates. We raise neophytes to Priesthood and humans to their own Divinity.

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Tree of Death

Superior knowledge and carnal urges. The Tree of Death is a Tree of Pain, Self-Acceptance, Growth, and Change. A void, rather than a place, the Tree of Death is more of a metaphor than a dimension of existence. How does a tree grow? In fertile soil, watered and cared for, blessed by the elements or […]

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