Ord na Thaumiel The Order Of Lucifer

Ord na Thaumiel Lucifer's Covenant


    Writ of the Damned

    Learn of the illuminating word of Lucifer, Morning Star. The King of Enlightenment and the Crowned Champion of humanity. Explore the creation of the universe and all we know as well as the esoteric and powerful messages of the devils that govern the domains of our unconscious mind.

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    Works in Progress

    Ponder upon the newest texts of spiritual awakening and descent into unlimited power. Each text is a projected project to launch on our shoppe at any given time. Stay tuned for new releases.

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    Explore the Unknown

    Interested in private or group lessons regarding Magick, Divination, and the Esoteric Art of Spiritual Awakening? Explore what we have to offer.

Latest News

Membership is now OPEN

There has been many calls to join our infernal ranks within the cosmic order of the Ethereal. We will now be offering self-initiation manuals as well as verified member access to our inner circle of Luciferian practitioners. New self-initiates will be able to receive support from the Elder members of the Coven as well as […]

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